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Final Expenses Life Insurance Policies Do You Need One?

Filed under: life insurance — Alston @ 3:35 am April 26, 2011

Burial or final expense life insurance policies are often sold to seniors who fear that they don’t have enough coverage.

Both life insurance providers and their policyholders benefit from these policies. However, sometimes the policies are purchased by people who don’t need the coverage.

Life insurance does not have to be the source of the funds used to pay for burial and other final expenses. Savings or other assets can be used to take care of these costs.

If however, your assets are limited a final expense policy may be the protection you need. It can reduce the burden on your loved ones.

These policies are often very inexpensive because the face amounts are low. Often they are just enough to cover the cost of a simple funeral.

If you have assessed your other insurance policies and your other assets and determined that you won’t leave enough behind to cover your final expenses consider purchasing a small life insurance policy to protect your family.

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